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6 Tips for Getting the Right CBD Dosage

After receiving many recommendations and reading plenty of articles about it, you finally decide to give cannabidiol a shot. What many do not consider in this situation is how much they should take, which can seriously affect the experience. Too much may feel overwhelming. Too little may prevent the user from feeling anything at all, causing them to dismiss CBD as a waste of time and money.

So how do you get the right CBD dosage? There is no correct answer for everyone. With that said, we wrote this article to provide some advice that may help you find the right amount for yourself.

Start with a Small CBD Dosage

Instead of diving into the deep end of the pool, beginners would be wise to take it easy at first. In most cases, the smallest CBD dosage you can find in any store’s collection of products is 100 mg. This trace amount is usually just enough to add some pep to one’s step, making it ideal for first-timers.

At least, that is the idea. In reality, different people will react in different ways based on their physiology. 100 mg may be enough for some novices, but it may completely whiff for others. We still advise starting slowly because it is better to feel nothing than to experience more than you bargained for on the first try.

If you find yourself unaffected and unsatisfied, just have patience. Now you know to aim for a higher dosage next time.

Measure Dosages and Track Your Journey

After a certain point, any committed CBD enthusiast can approximate how many milligrams they need for their ideal experience. They were all beginners at one time, and they only discovered their preferred amount over time, through trial and error. If it worked for them, it may work for you as well.

As you move along in your own CBD journey, we suggest recording each step of the way in some sort of log. Write down the details of each session, namely how much CBD you had and how it made you feel. Take note of each increase in the amount you take and compare that experience with others.

In time, you may have a handy manual showing how different CBD dosages affect you. You only need to spare a moment or two with each entry in your “CBDiary.”

Discover Your Limits — Carefully

Low quantities of CBD can be all well and good. With that said, higher quantities may feel even better and have an even greater effect on your body. When you start to feel comfortable with a certain dosage, we suggest upping it a little. What you discover may surprise you.

We must warn, however, that “too much of a good thing is bad” definitely applies to CBD as well. Having too much in your system at once can cause drowsiness, diarrhea, vomiting, and more. Hospitalization may be necessary. We can only be thankful that, according to studies, overdosing on CBD is extremely difficult.

A good rule of thumb is that 1500 mg in one day is about as much as most people can handle. That amount is much more than anyone really needs at once. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone can be rewarding, so long as you are careful.

Pace Yourself

The risks we mentioned above are not limited solely to consuming over 1500 mg within 24 hours. Your height, weight, and other physical factors may increase or decrease that amount. That is why we called it a rule of thumb, rather than hard scientific fact. Another factor that may affect your reaction is how experienced you are with CBD.

Part of the reason we advise starting with smaller dosages is that newcomers often need less CBD to start feeling the effect. Long-time fans may develop a higher tolerance, but novices have none at all. If they increase the dosage too much too quickly, the experience may prove more jarring than desired.

A gradual start is wise, and a gradual journey is wiser still. Your body will be ready for higher CBD dosages someday. For now, be patient and take care of yourself.

Try Multiple Intake Methods

Sometimes, people sample a range of CBD dosages over a good stretch of time and still cannot find satisfaction. Letting go at that point is understandable: you gave it your best shot, exercised great patience, and probably spent quite a bit of money. Before you do, though, have you tried different intake methods?

Many beginners associate CBD with a single method, not knowing that other options are available. People may gain something from some methods and nothing from others. If you have only tried vaping, consider trying candies and other edibles. If candies and edibles do not cut it, perhaps tinctures will.

Each intake method comes with its strengths and weaknesses. None are perfect, but one may suit you much better than the rest.

Use Different Dosages for Different Purposes

After enough tries over a substantial period of time, you might discover one day that you have really run the gamut of CBD dosages. 100 mg may seem paltry today compared to when you began, and amounts that once intimidated you are now familiar and common. You may have discovered the dosage that is just right for you — not too much, not too little. If this is the case, then we congratulate you.

Our final piece of advice is that different dosages can have different effects that may feel welcome in different situations. Smaller dosages, like 300 mg, may be great for a morning energy boost. Enthusiasts claim that higher ones can help treat chronic pain and other conditions. Even after you find your “right CBD dosage,” the experimenting can continue for as long as you want.

Order Different Amounts of CBD Online

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