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What Seniors Can Get Out of a CBD Oil Tincture

An old saying claims that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. We find that notion silly, as many of our customers are seniors. Some are longtime fans of cannabidiol (CBD) products. Others, often at the recommendation of enthusiastic peers, are newbies interested in seeing what this trend is about.

If you want to know more about before trying a CBD oil tincture, we completely understand. After all, this is something you would be putting in your body. Many people of all ages conduct plenty of research before becoming big fans. We will provide reliable information about CBD and its potential effects below.

Does CBD Get People High?

We figured that we might as well answer what is likely the first and most pressing question on your mind. Cannabidiol is, indeed, derived from the hemp plant. With that said, CBD products are not like marijuana. No matter how much you consume, you will not experience the “high” effect associated with the drug.

Hemp plants contain hundreds of different chemical compounds, called cannabinoids. Only one causes that perception-altering effect: tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Federal law requires that CBD products cannot be sold if they have more than 0.3% THC. That fraction of a percent is not nearly enough to create a similar experience to marijuana.

Even with that strict maximum and those assurances, you might still prefer not to have any THC in your body. We understand. Fortunately, there are ways to distill hemp plant byproducts so they have virtually no trace of that infamous cannabinoid. You can find plenty of CBD oil tinctures that are THC-free.

Are CBD Products Safe for Seniors?

If you ever have any concerns about anything that you may want to use for medicinal purposes, you should always consult your personal physician first. You should especially present this question to a doctor if you are already using other medicines and treatments. This goes for CBD products as well.

While you are doing your own research, we might as well inform you that CBD products are generally safe for seniors. With that said, we recommend starting with a very low dosage. It is not because of the threat of overdose, which is practically impossible with this substance. Rather, it is because too much CBD at one time can feel overwhelming for first-timers.

In another blog post, we share plenty of tips for getting the right CBD dosage. The main thing we want to say here is that the cannabinoid is safe to use, as long as you take your time. Once you get more comfortable and accustomed to these products, you can boost the dosage as you wish.

How can CBD Affect Senior Health?

Before we describe the potential health effects that CBD can have on seniors, we must inform you of something vital. Research on the actual, measurable effects of this compound is still underway. Scientists have reached few conclusions, one way or the other, on what it actually does for one’s health.

With that said, many people are fans of these products for a reason. The main reason for all this ongoing research is that legions of fans attest to the power and potency of CBD. If you know anyone who uses it, feel free to ask them for their anecdotes. We will share a few popular claims about CBD’s effects on senior health below.


In 2015, the CDC reported that approximately half of all Americans over the age of 64 have been diagnosed with arthritis. This condition can make moving one’s digits and limbs much more difficult and painful. Given that the sheer likelihood of getting it in one’s lifetime, it may interest you to know that CBD is reputed to have anti-inflammatory effects.

Researchers have not yet drawn firm conclusions, to be clear. Even so, current findings seem to indicate that the cannabinoid can disrupt pain signals to the brain. This quality can help greatly in managing the effects of arthritis and living at least a little more comfortably.


One potential side effect of CBD is drowsiness. Some may find that troubling, but many people turn to the product for precisely that reason. CBD has been known to help people achieve better sleep and regulate their cycles. Just a few drops from a CBD oil tincture at a late hour may be enough for a good night’s rest.

Seniors may be especially interested in this reputed effect of CBD. A 2018 research paper titled “Insomnia in the Elderly” claims that a staggering number of adults 60 and older experience difficulty sleeping. Consistently poor rest can wreak havoc on one’s health. It can also result from conditions that often develop with age. An organic treatment like CBD may do wonders for your body.

Heart Health

You want your heart to beat for as long as you can help it. Unfortunately, all kinds of issues can develop as you age — strokes, high blood pressure, hypertension, and more. As any cardiologist would advise, you need to take care of yourself and make sure that your heart stays as healthy as it can.

CBD does not have a definite connection to cardiovascular health just yet. However, the anti-inflammatory properties we mentioned above are an assuring sign that it can help. Moreover, it has potential as an antioxidant substance. Although speaking with a cardiologist beforehand would be wise, products containing the compound could be part of your treatment and practices.

CBD Oil Tinctures at 911 CBD STORE

Seniors may get quite a bit out of trying CBD. We cannot make any promises, of course, not while researchers continue their investigation. With that said, many have testified that CBD has helped them maintain and improve their health. The compound’s fans span all ages.

If you are interested in trying it for yourself, 911 CBD STORE’s selection of CBD oil tinctures is a great place to start. We offer high-quality products that can help you feel the effects with just a few drops into your food or drink. Some of our wares are even THC-free for anyone concerned about that ingredient. Visit our store and see what we can do for you.

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