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Everything You Need to Know About CBD Gummies

Cannabidiol (CBD) can enter and affect the body through a variety of intake methods, which gives people more ways to personalize their experience. Inhalation is a popular one. Topical treatments are an alternative for those who prefer not to vape. One particular method, ingestion, offers a wide range of potentially delightful options.

We recently wrote a whole blog post about CBD recipes for cooking full meals. If you want the benefits of edible consumption without the work, CBD gummies offer a great readymade alternative. We wrote this in-depth article to answer any questions that prospective first-timers may have about these treats.

What Exactly are CBD Gummies?

Are you familiar with gummy candies? The odds are high that you have eaten at least a few of these childhood staples. The sweets often come in fun shapes, such as bears, worms, and even octopi. The sweet flavor is the main draw, of course, but the gummy texture makes it more appealing and amusing.

CBD gummies add an extra ingredient to the recipe: a small yet satisfying amount of cannabidiol. Even with that formula shake-up, the result still has the same chewy feel and a delightful flavor. Fans of both CBD and candy can get a spoonful of sugar to help the reputedly medicinal compound go down.

What Can They Do for Me?

It is once again time for us to clarify that the reputation of CBD rests largely on anecdotes from those who use it. Science continues to research which benefits the cannabinoid actually confers on one’s body and health. We acknowledge this because to not do so would be irresponsible.

With that said, many people attest that CBD products help them treat an array of medical conditions. Recent studies even provide evidence supporting certain claims, if not yet conclusively. Here are a few notable examples:

  • Seizures: Currently the only point of scientific consensus in CBD’s favor is its effectiveness in treating seizures. Study after study has demonstrated its benefits to people with epilepsy and similar conditions.
  • Chronic pain: The relationship between CBD and pain management is not as firmly established, but several studies’ findings seem to support it. Many enthusiasts use it specifically to reduce discomfort and relieve aches.
  • Anxiety: When CBD enters the body, it interacts with receptors in the brain to encourage serotonin production. This reaction may help mitigate anxiety, as well as related disorders such as PTSD and panic disorder.
  • Insomnia: Sugary snacks usually tend to keep people up late. If you eat plenty of CBD gummies, though, you may find yourself quite sleepy. Those who experience insomnia may want to give it a try.

Are They Addictive?

Many people would say that candy itself is addictive: once they pop in one gummy, they must have another. CBD gummies may feel that way for those who like the flavor and texture. However, cannabidiol itself does not seem to be literally addictive, in the way that other drugs are. A 2020 article from Medical News Today states that CBD does not instill a dependence on the compound in people’s brains.

In fact, evidence shows that using the product — in gummies or otherwise — may actually help with drug addiction recovery. The article takes care to note that research on the compound is still in its early phases. Still, anyone concerned about trying it can feel fairly confident that if they do not like it, they can leave it with ease.

What are the Potential Side Effects?

Even with addiction removed as a potential threat, though, one should still take it easy with the edible consumption. Before you ask: overdose is not a potential threat either. An article on Bustle reports that one would need to consume 20,000 mg within a few hours to experience serious toxicity. That would require more CBD gummies than you could hope to consume within a few weeks.

According to one study, what you should be worried about are drowsiness, diarrhea, fluctuations in weight, and loss of appetite. Other potential side effects of using CBD found from other research include dry mouth, nausea, and irritability. As with their cannabinoid-free counterparts, eating too many CBD gummies in one evening will not kill you. However, it could leave you feeling crummy.

How Many Should I Eat?

Now you know that you should take CBD gummies lightly. That leads us to the next question: how many exactly should you take? The answer depends on a few factors:

  • Previous experience: Those who are totally new to CBD may want to start light, with just one gummy a day. Feel free to take more if your body is already accustomed to the compound’s presence.
  • Weight: 100 mg of CBD may be enough for one person to feel the effects, but it may do little for those who weigh more. A higher amount, meaning more gummies, may be required.
  • Purpose: As we mentioned in our article on getting the right CBD dosage, different amounts may be useful for different treatments. Small dosages can give an energy boost, while larger ones can minimize pain and offer other aid.

Also worth noting is how many milligrams (mg) of CBD are present in each gummy. Some products offer as little as 10 mg per candy, while others can exceed 30 mg. Always check this detail before you start, for your own safety.

What Else Should I Know?

Do you have children in your home, or do children come to visit? Keep these gummies separate from the rest of your candy and well out of reach. Accidental ingestion can cause unpleasant effects on such small bodies. The same goes for pets, who should not eat any candy anyway.

Unlike certain other intake methods, CBD gummies can take a while to kick in. The stomach needs to break down the candy first. Then, the cannabinoids need to work their way into the bloodstream. The process can take an hour or two, so start early in the evening.

Reread what we wrote in the previous section about previous experience. Now keep in mind that if you are just starting out, you need to take it slowly. Just eat one gummy daily for a week and see how you feel. With gradual increases, you will soon be able to eat several in one sitting without issue.

CBD Gummies at 911 CBD STORE

The last thing you need to know is where to find high-quality CBD gummies that will do the trick without making you sick. 911 CBD STORE is home to a variety of fun shapes and flavors, ranging from 10 mg to 31 mg per gummy. Order the one that looks most appetizing and see how you like it.

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