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How Long Do They Last? An FAQ About CBD Gummies

What is not to love about cannabidiol (CBD) gummies? They are packed with cannabidiol, which many fans claim can treat various maladies and enhance one’s health. Unlike other CBD products, which carry a strong and unpalatable flavor, they taste like candy. They present a sweet intake method for those who want to try CBD but do not want to vape it or drink it.

These treats are so popular that we discuss them quite often in this blog. Even after writing what we thought was everything you need to know about CBD gummies, we find that there is still more to say. This time, we will address one concern only briefly mentioned in that post. We will answer the questions of how long you have to wait for them to work and how long they last.

Why Is It Important to Know?

You may be aware of a timeless joke about edibles. A person swallows one or two gummies, then waits for them to work. After a while, they conclude that the edibles must not be effective at all, or that they did not take enough. Then they work after all — usually after the unsuspecting person takes more.

It sounds funny, but you may not find the humor if it happens to you. No one wants to accidentally ingest too many. Even if overdosing on CBD is practically impossible, too high a dosage can have negative side effects.

There is the opposite problem as well. Laying off on the edibles for fear of eating more than needed is good, but it may also leave you frustrated. You are consuming them for a reason, and you want enough CBD to gain something. If you take too few rather than too many, you may not get anything out of the experience at all.

Getting the right CBD dosage can be a challenge. Too many ruins the experience. In a different way, so does too few. Knowing how long you should wait before popping in another helps prevent both mistakes.

How Long Before They Take Effect?

So many people have stories of mishaps with edibles for a reason. Even long-time fans may misunderstand or underestimate the time required for them to kick in. Edibles are not like vape juice, which may take effect after about 20 minutes. They are definitely not like oil drops, which work even more swiftly when applied through the sublingual method.

Keep in mind that edibles in general work slowly. The stomach needs time to digest the gummies and break down all the ingredients. Only when the cannabinoids reach the bloodstream will you start feeling them take effect. It could take an hour, or even two hours. This time may also vary depending on factors like the gummies’ dosage, your stomach’s other contents, and the user’s weight.

For this reason, we advise starting early in the evening. Do not wait until you want to experience the effects, because then you will have to wait anyway. Schedule the activity like an appointment, swallow one or two, and give it a generous amount of time before you reopen the bag. As you practice over time, you will get a better sense of the number of gummies and amount of time your body needs.

How Long Before the Effect Wears Off?

There is another good reason for starting early with CBD gummies: it means their effects wear off earlier. Just how long they take to go away will absolutely vary depending on the amount ingested. From our experience, we would say to expect about five to seven hours. If you do it in the evening and fall asleep, you will likely wake up feeling normal.

The effects may last longer if you have a full stomach. Your digestive system will work hard on clearing out any food in there before it gets to the gummies. People with slower metabolisms may take more time to break down the edibles. People with more fat may store more CBD in their fat cells for longer.

As for how long it remains in one’s system, any CBD in your body should be completely flushed out within a week. Anyone concerned about drug testing can also rest easy. Despite its origins in the hemp plant, CBD is not an illicit substance. Any traces of THC are too small to really register, but you can always look for THC-free gummies to cover all your bases.

How Long Before They Go Bad?

We confess to cleverness: the title of this article has a double meaning. Instead of just talking about how long CBD gummies last in one’s system, we will also discuss how long they last in one’s drawer. Eating old edibles is not likely to hurt your health in any way. It may just lose its taste, have a weird texture, and leave you feeling nothing.

You can check the packaging for expiration dates, but we can supply some rules of thumb if you see none. If you have not eaten them within one year of getting them, you may want to do so as soon as you can. If it has been two years, you may want to just chuck them out.

You can extend their shelf life with good storage practices. Cool environments are best for them — not necessarily cool as a fridge, just away from heat sources and windows that receive sunlight. Humidity should be avoided. In other words, we suggest just leaving it in a cabinet. Preferably, leave it somewhere you will remember.

CBD Gummies at 911 CBD STORE

A good sense of timing can help you make the most out of your CBD gummies. Each person has their own rates at which they get CBD into their system and back out. You will get a better sense of your own reactions over time.

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