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Will CBD Make Me Sleepy?

Staying up late can be fun. Staying up late when you just want to get some sleep is … less fun. Everyone has their share of restless nights, but chronic insomnia and similar situations can present serious problems. Both your physical and mental health may suffer as a result of this sleeplessness.

Many people have turned to cannabidiol (CBD) products for assistance with a variety of health issues. Scientists continue to research without conclusions on many topics, but aficionados will swear that the compound aided them. We will address how to use CBD oil for sleep in this blog post. The answer of whether it can even help just might surprise you.

How Can CBD Treat Sleeplessness?

As you seek a solution to your long nights, you should ask yourself: why am I having so much trouble with dozing off? A few common reasons include the following:

  • This is among the most common causes of insomnia, and all kinds of issues and occurrences can trigger it. Post-traumatic stress disorder and other related conditions may also contribute.
  • Lying awake at night over a stressful situation is not just an expression. Many people experience disruption in their sleep cycles because of financial, work-related, personal, and interpersonal tensions.
  • Sleep disorders. If treatments designed for general insomnia have not increased your hours of rest, then you might not have insomnia at all. Restless leg syndrome or sleep apnea are other disorders with their brand of nighttime trouble.
  • The problem may not be mental, but physical. Chronic pain can make attempts at getting comfortable agonizingly difficult. So can the sting of a fresh injury, especially if it forces you to sleep in a different position than usual.

Aside from contributing to poor sleep, all these conditions have something in common: many sufferers use CBD to treat them. A 2018 review concluded that the cannabinoid can offer pain relief. A 2015 study demonstrated that it can reduce anxiety — though they only tested on rats. As for sleeping problems in general, testing from 2019 — on humans, we must add — bore out promising results.

CBD does not just help lull a person into slumber, though it can do that. More important is that CBD can treat some of the most common causes of sleeplessness. Even if science has not fully confirmed this connection, many people swear by it as an excellent sleep aid. Call us biased, but we would say it is at least worth a try.

Tips on How to Use CBD Oil for Sleep

If you decide that it would not hurt to try CBD, then it would not hurt either to get some expert advice first. Here is a collection of tips for approaching it the right way, so first-timers can increase their chances of getting something out of the experience.

Start Early in the Evening

What most beginners do not know at first is that CBD can take a while to kick in, especially depending on the intake method. If you vape it, you may need to wait for about an hour. If you consume it through edibles or tinctures, the stomach can take hours to digest everything.

Even if you are otherwise unprepared to nod off, we advise getting started between 90 minutes and two hours before your planned bedtime. This timeframe is strongly recommended even if you use a method that usually acts quicker, such as the CBD sublingual method. Even if you end up sleeping earlier than expected, is that not better than staying awake into the dawn?

Make It Part of a Schedule

Keeping to a routine is rarely the cure for mental health disorders. Even so, it can still help the body and mind to relax and prepare for rest. Even changing out of your daytime outfit and into more comfortable clothes readies the brain for bed. You can see it as hacking yourself, or as mind over matter.

When you add a new habit to your sleep schedule, you should be consistent with it. Try to take CBD at a specific time each night. If you do this, the rest of the sleep schedule can compound the cannabinoid’s sleep-inducing effects. You should not underestimate the ability of this combination to knock you out.

Find Your Ideal Amount of CBD

If you try it and get nothing out of it, you may want to be less conservative in your intake amount. We are not suggesting that you go overboard. We are simply stating the fact that discovering the right CBD dosage for you may take some trial and error. With each small increase, though, you will eventually learn how much you need to experience the desired effect.

As you experiment with CBD, we suggest keeping a journal. Record the amount you take each evening, then record your nighttime experience the next day. You will have a handy guide to your body, and you could make a more informed opinion to scale up or down as needed.

Be Careful About Taking Too Little

In most cases, we would recommend starting with a small amount of CBD, like 100 or 150 mg. When it comes to getting sleep, though, we suggest more — quite a bit more. See, 300 mg is what many people take in the morning to get a boost of energy. This is not the effect you would want.

If this is your first time trying CBD, then, by all means, feel free to take it slow. With that said, take it slow during the day. Once you are accustomed to the effects and experience, you can shoot for the higher dosages that tend to leave people drowsy.

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