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Under the Tongue – Explaining the CBD Sublingual Method

Many people are interested in experiencing the effects and possible health benefits of cannabidiol (CBD). Some people stop short of trying it because they do not want to smoke or vape anything. Fortunately for them, other intake methods are available. For example, instead of filling their lungs, they can fill their stomachs by ingesting CBD products.

The CBD sublingual method is an unusual and specific take on the ingestion method. Anyone interested in CBD should at least know about this option. Likewise, anyone interested in the option should know about its advantages over others. We tell all in this in-depth article.

A Refresher on CBD Tinctures

There are two standard and obvious approaching ingesting CBD. One is the consumption of edibles, which are food items that contain the compound. They typically come in the form of gummies and other candies. More pertinently for this article, the other is the use of a tincture. While gummies are solid objects, tinctures are fluid solutions.

According to Leafly, CBD product makers create tinctures by “steeping cannabis flowers or isolates in high-proof alcohol.” They then heat the mixture until much of the compounds are extracted and infused with the alcohol. Much of the herb’s extraneous components gradually distill out of the solution. After a long period of immersion, the result is a drink that is more potent than just about any gummy on its own.

What is the CBD Sublingual Method?

CBD tincture ingestion can go a few different ways. Many people prefer to sprinkle it into their drinks or even on top of their food, using a dropper. When they consume the drinks or food, the CBD rides it down to the stomach. Some may try to treat it as its own drink, though we strongly advise against gulping it down like a conventional beverage. Remember, tinctures are extremely potent. Just a few drops contain enough of the compound to help you experience the effects.

The CBD sublingual method is yet another approach — one that is more direct, yet not one that most people would invent on their own. Put simply, you lift your tongue and drip just a couple of drops from the tincture to the underside. After a few minutes of leaving it there, you swallow whatever is left. We say “whatever is left” because your tongue will actually absorb much of the tincture, including plenty of the CBD, through the tissue.

Benefits of Sublingual Dripping

The CBD sublingual method may not be as well-known as vaping, edibles, and other intake methods. With that said, it is a favorite among experienced CBD users who experiment with the products and share their stories with each other. If you want to be in with the crowd, here are some of the reasons why sublingual administration is at least worth trying.

Faster Absorption

A common complaint among those who have tried CBD and left disappointed is the amount of time it takes to feel anything. The frustration is understandable — given the choice, even fans would prefer to skip to the good part. Several factors can affect the length of the waiting period, including the intake method.

The effects of CBD only become apparent once it enters the bloodstream. Vaping needs to be absorbed through the lungs, which can take some time and several hits. Edibles need to be broken down in the stomach, a process that can last hours. The same goes for foodstuffs and drinks tinged with a tincture.

Sublingual administration is different because the tissues under the tongue take the CBD straight to the bloodstream. There is no need for digestion in the stomach, activation by the liver, or the interference of any other organs. You simply drip, wait a little bit, swallow, and wait a little bit more.

Less is Needed

Bioavailability is not one of the advantages to the CBD sublingual method. The term refers, in this context, to the amount of CBD your body manages to absorb. A study conducted in 2002 states that the CBD sublingual method offers a general range of 13-19% bioavailability. These numbers are about the same as for edibles and fall below those for vaping. They are at least higher than topical treatments, but so is just about every CBD intake method.

With that said, a factor that arguably balances out this weakness is how much you need to experience the effects. Vaping often requires plenty of hits over a lengthy stretch. You may need to digest a few edibles before the CBD becomes apparent. In contrast, sublingual administration requires only a few drops and a wait of about 20 minutes. Your tincture may even last much longer than your average vape cartridge or bag of gummies.

To be fair, the amount of vaping, the number of edibles, and the number of drops will vary from person to person. With that said, most people will find that using the CBD sublingual method is working smarter, not harder.

Easy to Control

Knowing approximately how much you need of a CBD product before feeling the effects is one thing. Knowing approximately how much you are getting at a given time is another thing altogether. Edibles are notoriously tricky to control — especially for the inexperienced, who do not know if they are taking enough, and for the impatient.

The great thing about tinctures in general is that you need to use a dropper. This tool allows for the release of a single drop at a time. It is not only perfect for controlling the high potency of tinctures, but also for measuring how much you take in each session. You can experiment with ease — how much do you feel after four drops? How much do you feel after just three?

Speaking of control, applying them directly on your tongue allows for greater control than sprinkling them in drinks. You have fewer variables to consider with the CBD sublingual method, as well as less time to wait and observe. All this allows you to figure out exactly how much CBD you need.

Try It for Yourself

We hope that our description of the CBD sublingual method and its advantages prove helpful to you. We can help you even further by providing you with CBD oil drops and tinctures. You can find a sterling selection here at 911 CBD STORE.

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