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Which CBD Oil is best for me?

Anything derived from plants and nature, mostly, is believed to be beneficial for our bodies. CBD is a chemical compound found in the Cannabis plant and scientific researches has pointed towards its efficacy in treating several conditions. 

While there are several CBD-containing products available, CBD oil is one of the most famous of all. Here’s our guide to help you choose the best CBD oil available on the internet. So let’s go!

What exactly is CBD?

Before diving deep into the topic, it’s wise to answer this question. So as already mentioned, CBD is one of the two major chemical compounds derived from Marijuana and hemp. These two are two different varieties of Cannabis plants and CBD is derived from both. Additionally, another compound ‘THC’ is also derived from the Cannabis plant. 

So what’s the difference between CBD & THC? Great question! Both offer almost the same advantages but while THC makes you high, as it contains intoxicating properties, whereas CBD doesn’t. So essentially, you’ll get to experience the benefits of CBD without getting high!

Is CBD even legal in the USA?

As you might’ve already guessed, CBD, Cannabis, marijuana, all are controversial topics. The laws may be highly strict regarding their usage. However, authorities are now getting lenient and consequently, several states have allowed the usage of ‘CBD derived from Hemp’. So you can consume products that are made up of CBD derived from hemp. But as the laws aren’t uniform countrywide, we suggest going through this link and seeing what the status is in your state. For more information about CBD and its legality, have a read of this post too. It’s always better to know everything before opting for adventurous pursuits!

How to choose the best CBD oil? 

Having gone through the basics, let’s dive straight into the main topic. So CBD oil is an oil that contains CBD. And there are several things you must know before buying CBD oil:

  • Speak with your doctor

Are you taking any other medications? If yes, consult a doctor to reduce any chances of negative drug interactions. The drugs you take might get mixed with CBD oil and may cause some reactions, and a doctor would be better able to guide you. It won’t take much time but would make your mind free from any negative thoughts. 

  • Know about the different type of CBD oil

There are several variations in CBD oil you can find on the internet.

  • CBD isolate

When you want an oil that contains only and only CBD, it would come under the purview of CBD isolate. It is good for those who don’t wish to ingest THC. Studies have shown it is beneficial in relieving anxiety, pain, inflammation, and other conditions. 

  • Full Spectrum

When somebody buys a ‘full-spectrum CBD product’ it means the product would contain all of the active CBD as well as other components such as THC. So essentially you’ll get all the phytochemicals that occur naturally in the Cannabis plant. Just to let you know, the product would contain a max of 0.3% THC, which wouldn’t get you high! 

Even though we are yet to define the last variety, we suggest opting for full-spectrum CBD if you’ve just started. 

  • Broad-spectrum CBD

It is different from the above two as it contains all the phytochemicals that occur naturally in the cannabis plant, but not THC. Though some products may contain what is known as ‘trace quantities’ of THC. 

  • How to use CBD oil

This is perhaps the easiest of all questions, all you have to do is, shake the bottle before using. Now use the dropper and put some drops under your tongue. The capillaries located beneath the tongue would absorb the oil. Now after keeping the oil for 60-70 sec, swallow it down the throat. 

  • Know about the risks that exist

Several research points to the fact that CBD is safe and unharming. However, some common side effects may be faced by people. These side effects range from appetite change to diarrhea, from weight gain to drowsiness. So prepare yourself accordingly, although the chances of such side effects are quite less. 

  • Know about different CBD oil companies

While at the 911 CBD Store, we would roll out our CBD oil soon, meanwhile there are some noteworthy CBD oil companies you could check out. These companies are Charlotte, Spruce, Sisters of the Valley, Eureka, CBDPure, and so on. You can try these to begin and get a hang of CBD oil. 

  • Know the benefits of CBD Oil

Having talked about risks, types, and companies of CBD oil, now let’s talk about benefits too. So CBD is known to be a great pain reliever; in fact, studies conducted on rats show that CBD injections reduced their pain response to surgical incision. CBD is also known to be an acne reducer. Besides, many people use it to relieve themselves from anxiety too. Overall, there are a lot of advantages of CBD and it is worth a try. 

What can you prefer in place of CBD oil?

While CBD oil is good, we advise giving other CBD products a try too. The most famous and convenient among all is CBD gummies. Along with tasting good, they are portable, easy to apportion, and quick to consume too. You can also opt for CBD capsules, candies, vaping oils, skin patches, and other stuff. Overall, it must depend on your convenience and choices.

Where to buy the best CBD products?

Now if you wish to buy the best CBD products available on the internet, do check out our store. We currently sell CBD gummies and soon we’ll be launching CBD oil and other products too. Read our blog to get more ideas about CBD. 

We hope you found the above-mentioned information helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Thanks for reading!

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