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Which is Better: CBD Oil or a CBD Gummy?

Cannabidiol (CBD) products have gradually gone from obscure curiosities to a widespread phenomenon. It is little wonder, then, that many are only recently discovering the trend and thinking about trying it. The challenge they immediately face, and one that long-time enthusiasts should not dismiss, is the many options for CBD intake.

The problem is that with so many choices, how can first-timers know which ones they would like? That is why we like to discuss them in our blog. We previously wrote individual breakdowns of CBD oil and CBD gummy edibles. This time, we will directly compare these popular intake methods so you can choose for yourself.


Let us get down to business. Many people view dollars and cents as among the most important factors in purchasing decisions. They want the most bang for their buck, the best quality at the lowest cost. Price matters to newcomers in particular. They may be extra cautious about how much they invest in something they are not even sure they will enjoy.

It is difficult to generalize on this subject. Different manufacturers use different methods that result in different charges, and costs may vary from vendor to vendor. CBD gummy edibles tend to be more expensive than CBD oils. Making the former usually requires more steps, equipment, and time than making the latter. However, this is not always true.

Further complicating matters is that there can be a large price range within these categories. CBD oils may be relatively inexpensive or over $100, depending on the ingredients, amount of CBD, and methods used. We advise checking for yourself. We also advise keeping in mind that high quality usually results in a higher cost.


The effectiveness of CBD products comes down to how many milligrams (mg) of CBD are in each serving. One CBD gummy may contain 30 mg — just an example — and one pack may contain nine gummies for a total of 270mg. You can cut the candy into more manageable pieces if the whole amount is more than you want at the moment. If one is not enough, you can eat more.

The amount of CBD in an oil bottle may vary from 50mg to 1500mg. No more than a few drops are needed to start feeling the effects. This may seem like the superior “more bang for one’s buck” option, requiring less of the product to get a fuller experience. However, a potential drawback is that one must carefully measure the dosage of CBD oil they take in. Using a dropper is not hard to learn, but gummies are more consistent, take less work, and carry less risk of getting too much.


Bioavailability is arguably more important than amount. The latter is how much CBD you put into your body. The former is how much of that CBD actually reaches your system and gets absorbed. Most of it will get lost along the way, which means more of the product may be required to experience its potential benefits.

CBD gummies, like all edibles, must survive the digestive system before reaching the endocannabinoid or nervous systems. Saliva and stomach acids will break down some of it. The liver, doing its duty of filtering out contaminants and waste, will weed out most of the rest. These products’ bioavailability rarely even gets close to 20%.

The bioavailability of CBD oil may be just as low if ingested. Fortunately, there is another kind of intake you can try: the CBD sublingual method. Instead of adding the oil into a drink or soup, you would drip it directly under your tongue. Bioavailability may still not crack 20%, but much less of the product is required to get what you want out of it.


On that note, CBD oil is surprisingly versatile in the ways you can consume it. You could use the sublingual method as we suggested. You could also apply it to food or drink. Get creative with it: drip some between sandwich bread, mix it with a soda, or even add it to a milkshake. Gummies are not nearly as versatile in how you take them in. You either eat them or skip them.

Unfortunately, many people recommend doing that with CBD oil because the oil on its own can have a strong and unpleasant taste. This partly explains the enduring popularity of CBD gummies: they are candy. The sweetness serves as a Trojan horse, sneaking an ordinarily unfavorable flavor into your body under a more appealing one. Speaking of which: they come in an array of flavors.

Finally, CBD gummies may be more versatile in how you can consume them in public. Most observers would just see it as regular candy. Using a dropper to apply CBD oil to your meal or under your tongue, on the other hand, may be more conspicuous.


When you take your medicine, you want it to kick in as quickly as possible. Many people use CBD for their health, so they naturally expect the same. Different methods will need different amounts of time between intake and effect. If time is important to you, keep this in mind.

CBD gummies must go through the digestive system. The stomach often takes its sweet time in breaking down foodstuffs and shuttling nutrients throughout the body. As a result, you may need to wait an hour or two before the edibles take effect. CBD oil can make things happen much faster, especially with the sublingual method. Bloodstream delivery may happen in 40 minutes or less.

Either way, you will not feel the CBD immediately. We recommend starting early in the evening. We also urge newcomers to be careful. First-timers often take more than needed out of impatience and end up with a less pleasant experience. If you manage your expectations and exercise patience, you will get what you want eventually.

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CBD gummy edibles have their benefits and drawbacks. The same goes for CBD oil. Neither one is necessarily better than the other. You have to decide which one sounds better for your needs and preferences.

No matter which you pick, you can find high-quality examples of both here at 911 CBD STORE. We strive to offer only the best CBD products for our customers. Explore our virtual store and see for yourself what we have to offer.

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